Disaster Response

TATE Global provides a comprehensive suite of travel safety and disaster response solutions to assist with your response efforts around the world. We provide everything from localized intelligence, allowing you to know what is happening on the ground, to secure communications worldwide.

TATE Global ProtecTour

OurĀ TATE Global ProtecTour mobile app uses unclassified human risk intelligence and geo-tracking technology to provide users with real-time, localized safety information. The app provides:

  • 24/7 monitoring of the user’s location
  • Alerts on local threats and potentially dangerous areas
  • Directions and contact information for key locations (i.e. nearest Embassy, emergency services, etc.)
  • Direct communication with TATE Global in case of an emergency
  • Updates for employers and loved ones on the user’s location in an emergency situation

TATE Global Access

TATE Global Access provides senior leadership with infrastructure and personnel threat reporting, arming decision makers with the most up-to-date and relevant information when planning and managing international operations. Reports are compiled by analysts immersed in the region of interest, using local language sources to provide insight on the local environment, including:

  • Safety threats to personnel and infrastructure on a national, regional and local level
  • Real-time monitoring of industry and government matters in the region of interest

Courage Services

Courage Services visually presents millions of locally-sourced data points based on the source’s location. Using geospatial technology, Courage Services enables users to:

  • Reach overarching conclusions of the situation on the ground
  • Shape operations
  • Predict future areas of concern

Mobile Moat

Mobile Moat provides secure worldwide communications via end-to-end encryption support for virtually every smartphone, including:

  • Encryption for voice, chat, email, video and push-to-talk over 3G Wi-Fi and satellite communications
  • Secure/non-secure toggling using the Cisco AnyConnect application

Expeditionary Pods

Expeditionary Pods are custom modular and portable buildings that can be easily transported and built by first responders worldwide. These portable buildings:

  • Provide shelter and electricity
  • Can be easily constructed by three to four people in an hour

Please contact us to discuss a customized solution to your disaster response needs.

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